<aside> 💡 At first, it was hard to work on it. It's my first time designing in the Fintech field. The Client needs to create a mobile app with many data.



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Start with defining the problem and asking many questions to build my knowledge by reading articles about the Fintech field. The Client knows his goals for this project. My role is to define the problems and solve them.

What is Lockstep?

Lockstep is a sustainable trade finance service that lends merchants money for their shipments at reasonable terms if they make sustainable shipping decisions.

What makes Lockstep unique?

The main constraint for this project was to help merchants have the cash flow they need through the time of shipment. The shipping cycle is long up to months. The merchant can't take the money on the order until the shipment of the order arrives at the final customer. Here Lockstep goes one step and provides money for the merchant under certain rules.

Roles & Responsibilities

Problem & process

Create an MVP prototype to help merchants borrow money from lockstep. They need to upload documents of the shipments and get a good sustainable score. Depending on it, the interest rate will be decided.